Covergirls Elvisize This

Year Foaled 2011
Color Palomino


Congrats to Ray Bishop

Photo Gallery

Pedigree for Covergirls Elvisize This

Covergirls Idolize This First Knights Billy Idol First Knights Breakin All The Rules First Knights Bit O Hot Shot
Runnin Bares Rowdys Heiress
Sheep Meadow Goldilocks Bond Turbo
Bond Nutmeg
Buck Ons Suprema Donna Little Kings Buck On Broadway Boones Little Buckeroo
Johnstons Little Bo Cream
Hoofbeats Miss Bs Buttermilk Sky Jones Bocephus
Buddys Miss Behaving
Hunt House Farms Primestar Ramblin Starbuck Rowdy Kewpies Sun
LBFS Prima Donna Stouts Kit Kat Stouts Short Change
Stouts Kitty
Stouts Baby Doll Stouts Sir George
Stouts Cupcake

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