Dale Ray Buck Playmate of the Year

Year Foaled 2005

Registration #: A165329

Color: Solid Palomino

Height: 30"

Foaling Date: 3/27/2005

Show Record:
2006 Grand Champion Junior Mare at the Florida State Fair in Tampa

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Pedigree for Dale Ray Buck Playmate of the Year

Little Kings Buck Cadence Boones Little Buckeroo Poplar Lanes Samson  
Johnstons Vanilla Gold Melody Boy
Vanilla 3rd
Little Kings Sissy Supreme Komokos Little King Supreme Komokos Little Husseler
Komokos Teenie Jeanie
Komokos Brown Sugar Komokos Billy Boy
Komokos Sugar
Dale Rays April Frost Deils Showdown Daisy Wittmaacks Mickey Mouse Gold Melody Boy
Johnstons Silver
Showdown Daisy J Js Little Macho
Showdown Bobbi McGee
Royal Oak Cherokee Blue CVF Cherokee Brave  
Polings Blue Eye Hobby Horses Little Cherokee
Fishers Golden Creme Puff

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