Winning Streaks Miss Independence

Year Foaled 2005


Registration #: A159603

Color: Solid Sorrel

Height: 30"

Foaling Date: 3/18/2005

Show Record:
2005 World Top 10 (4th) Weanling Mares over 26" to 30"
2006 World Top 10 (4th) Yearling Mare over 28" to 30" Futurity
2006 Top 10 (4th) Yearling Mares over 28" to 30" open

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Pedigree for Winning Streaks Miss Independence

Grosshills Mister Boogerman Lazy Ns Boogerman Rowdy Kewpies Sun
NFC Lady Opal Komokos Dark Destroyer Komokos Little Husseler
My Darling Moto
Dell Teras Lady Grasby Dell Teras Firelight
Dell Teras Rose
Hunt House Farms Primestar Ramblin Starbuck Rowdy Kewpies Sun
LBFS Prima Donna Stouts Kit Kat Stouts Short Change
Stouts Kitty
Stouts Baby Doll Stouts Sir George
Stouts Cupcake

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